Myia Bonner

Myia Bonner designs striking contemporary jewellery underpinned by delicacy and quality. Her distinctive work is defined by a signature graphic precision, geometric style and playful approach to reinterpreting the traditions within her craft for a modern audience.

Myia’s work is design-led. The uncompromising attention to detail and precision in her work is underpinned by an architectural approach. Myia constructs her bold three-dimensional compositions by hand. She then pares back each sculptural showpiece to its individual repeated two-dimensional planes to create single pieces.

Quality, craftsmanship and innovation form the foundation for Myia’s work. Fusing cutting-edge processes with traditional techniques, each piece is made exclusively in London.

Sold Items

Some of our items are one off’s, if you like an item that has been sold we can try and source similar.